Osteopathy is a system of medicine which incorporates the musculo-skeletal
framework as a means to diagnosis.
In the initial session full details of the presenting complaint will be requested:
when/how it occurred if known, areas of pain or restriction, any exacerbating
or ameliorating factors in addition to past history. Questions are then widened
out to embrace full medical and family history, general health and any
medication currently being taken.
In addition to observation the physical examination may include an evaluation
of gait, motion and symmetry, a palpation of affected and neighbouring
areas, noting soft tissue and muscular changes and areas of tenderness and
quality of movement.
Clinical tests are often included at this time.
Treatment methods may include work on the soft tissues; stretching, passive or
resisted movement including articulatory and strengthening techniques,
mobilization, manipulation and release of restricted areas.
Findings, advice, exercise and modifications to lifestyle are suggested where
appropriate and a follow-up appointment is usually made.

Osteopathy is a very safe method of treatment and it is usually painless. In fact
many people look forward to and enjoy their session with the osteopath.

Depending on the area being treated it is usual to undress to underwear and
a towel is provided. For work undertaken on the back it is better for women to
wear two piece underwear rather than an all-in-one tunic.
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